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The ABCs of Hatha Yoga

A. Alignment means keeping your body straight and tall.
B. Breathing...Belly breath is a great way to help you calm down.
C. Cobblers Pose...back is tall, knees bent, soles of feet together. Sit and breathe.
D. Drishdi means staring at something steadily to help still your mind.
E. Energy is everywhere. Try to stay with positive energy, people & things.
F. Full forward bend..the head is lower than the heart in this pose.
G. Good effort in the practice of yoga will create good energy for you.
H. Hatha Yoga is the style you have learned. (Learn more online.)
I. Inversion poses bring the heart higher than the head. Good for your heart.
J. Just do it...practice daily breathing and stretching.
K. Kindness matters. Practice this every day, with all who you meet.
L. Love is the positive emotion and energy of the heart.
M. Mantra is a sacred sound, or short verse that you repeat to help calm yourself.
N. Namaste I honor and respect you for who you are.
O. Om...The first sound. We begin and end the class with this sound.
P. Practice makes perfect, or at least it makes it easier to do!
Q. Quietly question the messages that your body is giving you.
R. Respect your body...take good care of it, and it will last a lifetime.
S. Shavasana is resting or corpse pose, at the end of the active class.
T. Tadasana is standing pose, feet about 4-5 inches apart, feet are grounded, back is tall, heart center is open, lift your head.
U. Undo bad habits, like slouching in the chair.
V. Voice is vibration. Use your beautiful voice to speak your heart and your mind.
W. Wood Chopper. Active movement helps to clear and open your lungs.
X. X-tra time for Yoga practice will help you stay balanced and prepared.
Y. Yoga is a way of stretching and strengthening the body, the mind, and emotions.
Z. Zest or excitement for your personal Yoga practice will benefit you.

Dianne Tousignant