Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yoga?
Yoga means to yoke, or to join. Through the practice of Yoga, the intention is to unite or join the energy of the physical, mental and spiritual body. You are so much more than your physical body, but we sometimes forget that, because there is great emphasis on the physical body in our culture. Through the practice of Hatha Yoga, (which is what you are learning in my class), you will sense that you are feeling more balanced as the energy throughout your body moves in that direction by focus on the breathing, the balance, and the stability of each asana, or pose.

Why do we refrain from eating before coming to Yoga?
The body sends energy to the locations that it needs to. After eating, the body begins the process of digestion, and therefore needs increased circulation to the stomach and intestinal area. During the practice of Yoga, or any physical activity, the circulation needs to go to the muscles or the organs involved in that activity. The intention of fasting for two hours prior to class is to allow maximum blood flow to the muscles, and to allow the oxygen with each respiration to go to the cells of the muscles.

What if I cannot bend or move my body the way you ask me to?
You will be doing Yoga regardless of your level of flexibility. Keep the breath moving, and create the vision or intention of moving the body into the pose, or asana, and soon you will find yourself coming closer toward your goal. Keep your breathing steady, and keep your body in balance, and you are doing Yoga. Always honor your body for where you are in your practice today.

Why do we chant "OM"?
The sound of Om is a vibrational tone that brings the physical, mental, spiritual body into balance and harmony. It is a salutation to the higher spirit, and your energy level may seem to rise with chanting Om or the listening to the sound of the vibration. It is best to sit straight and tall, take a deep breath, and feel the vibration as you chant.

What does Namaste mean?
Namaste is a traditional greeting or salutation, and is a way of saying respectfully, "I honor you," or "I honor your spirit."